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Lucy Lucas

Social Media Mage

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Guiding Principles

1. Comics are for everyone. Anyone can read comics.

2. It's okay to critique the way white supremacy shows up in comics and comic fandom and still be a fan.

3. It's okay to want representation in mainstream comics of Black characters, Indigenous & Two-Spirit characters, disabled characters, queer & trans characters, and whatever other identities reflect our own.

4. It's okay to love and feel deeply connected to characters that do not represent us (hello, Captain America), and still be critical of them.

5. It's okay to have & express opinions about comics that the majority of the audience might not agree with. Our feelings are valid.

6. It's okay to talk about our marginalization in the comic industry, our personal & invalidating experiences in comic book stores, conventions, and online spaces.

7. It's okay for us to nerd out and geek out over the things we love.

8. It's okay to intentionally uplift and support creators and artists who are writing our narratives.

9. It's okay not to be able to afford comics. We aren't the ones killing the comic industry.

10. It's okay to engage in comic fandom and read comics in whatever way feels the safest for us.