Manga Review: Witch Sister #1


Witch Sister #1

Writer & artist: Natsuki Matsuzawa

Publisher: Sukima Comics / Roll

In this universe, witch power exists as an invisible but invincible power. "Witch Sister" is a tale of two siblings who inherited witches’ blood—the older brother Kyoma, a rookie inspector who could not use any magic and Mikuni, the shut-in little sister who once had gone to witchcraft school. Together they solve grotesque and eerie cases caused by the witches' magic...

This review may contain spoilers.

Not your typical crime drama

Kyoma, a fresh out of school police inspector, is the main character of Witch Sister. The story begins with a typical crime scene investigation. The art works well to illustrate the murder as it happens. The manga flows nicely. The panels easily show action and movement. The violence is gruesome. However, the only violence drawn is the murder and crime scene. The family tries to implicate an older son with a false accusation. But Kyoma refuses to take the easy solution.

Witchy vibes are the best

When he goes back home, both Kyoma’s mom and his sister are home. The introduction to each is humorous. Mikuni hasn’t left her room in years, but sprints out when Kyoma tells her about the case.

Witch Sister is interesting because Kyoma’s family contains a long line of witches. Kyoma can only see magic. But his sister Mikune, can use magic. This sets up a forced collaboration between them when it’s time solve the case.

The humor works well to break up what otherwise would be a very grim book. Outside of working the case, humor is the main element that drives the narrative, as Kyoma bumbles around adjusting to his powers and making assumptions about witches. He’s a very likeable character who isn’t too dominant or unsure of himself. He’s able to trust his instincts in a way that makes sense.

Lovable characters

Although some of the side characters don’t spend long on the page, readers will get a sense of their amusing personalities. The first chapter focuses on introducing the characters and revealing what they can or can’t do. Kyoma suffers from imposter syndrome, police sergeant Hiyama Yumihas has a weak stomach, but can hold her own, and the senior sergeant, Jouhei dislikes Kyoma and wants to wrap things up quickly.

Kyoma’s interactions with his mom and sister are legit funny and provides some comical relief for what could have been a more serious scene if the manga’s tone was different. We don’t know Mikuni hasn’t left the house or her room for several years.  Hopefully the author reveals this later in the plot.

The story moves quickly while taking the proper time to introduce the characters and everyone involved in the murder. The dialogue is very easy to read ,and the translation makes sense and does not disrupt the reading experience too much.

I am definitely in for this book at least until the first arc is over. So many interesting character moments happen in the first chapter of Witch Sister. The two siblings are likable and interesting characters, and the supporting cast is funny and serve a purpose.

How long will it take to solve the case? How will the two siblings end up using their powers  to work together? Will this cause any conflicts? I would recommend  Witch Sister  to fans of the genre and fans of humorous magical stories that aren’t interested in crime manga.

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