Comic Review: The Lost City Explorers

The Lost City Explorers begins with a high school couple lamenting growing up and ends with the possible discovery of Atlantis. Along the way we gain insight into the characters and their relationships with each other as they face growing pains, grief, and familial tension, also queer relationships and diverse characters yay!

Comic Review: The Lost City Explorers

Publisher: Aftershock Comics | Writer: Zack Kaplan | Artist: Álvaro Sarrasesca | Cover Artist: Rafael La Torre and Marcelo Maiolo | Color Artist: Chris Blythe | Letterer: Troy Peteri| Release Date: June 20, 2018 | Price: $3.99

This review contains spoilers.

Introductions to an Unfortunate Accident

The comic begins by introducing some scientists working on the discovery project including key character, Dan. We’ll see Dan’s daughter in just a bit as she is also a lead in the series. Unfortunately Dan meets a tragic fate in the opening scene. The choice to introduce the comic with this scene felt confusing and too large of a reveal. The introduction obviously points to Atlantis, so we know what they’ll be Columbising. There’s also not enough here to really care about the fate of any of the adults, but they will come back later.

The comic flows logically from this point out and moves quickly. We work our way through post high school anxieties, cute queer couple cuddles, sibling arguments, and a funeral. The funeral falls a little flat. Something about the way the characters are written makes me not buy their grief or pain.

Art/Color or, it’s always raining

The art for the most part is unobstruvie. It looks best on large panel spreads, such as in the introductory scene and the final page of the book. The coloring is very muted which gives the comic a dreary tone, I’m not quite sure if that’s the point or not. But the colors make me think that it’s raining all the time. Another interesting thing to note is the color black is drawn so flat that the characters have a white outline around them if they’re against a black background.

The art did stand out for the wrong reasons in a couple places. There’s a scene at the concert of two girls kissing. The bottom half of their face isn’t drawn so it look like their faces melded together in a kiss. Whoops. Other than some minor slips, the art is smooth and works well for the tone of the book. I look forward to seeing a wider range of colors in futures issues.

Conclusion, buy this book

Lost City Explorers has potential to be a great coming-of-age adventure story. The characters are introduced well and their personalities lay the groundwork for interesting dynamics and interactions between them. I can already tell this will be a comic series where they will need to grow up fast and make some hard choices. Lost City Explorers also has the pacing of a television show, so it’s perfect to read serialized.

Review Score: 7.5

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