Comic Reviews: Marvel Comics for the week of 6/20

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Comic Reviews: Marvel Comic for the week of 6/20

This post contains spoilers.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #20

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is a cute comic. Spiderling has both costumed hero and teenager problems. The issue starts with Annie attacking innocent tourists in a nightmare. She wakes up to see she's on the news. Peter enlists Wolverine to help, while Annie tries to solve things on her end.

Teenage dilemmas. I like that this comic has a classic version of Wolverine. With so much Wolverine overload in Marvel for years, it’s refreshing to see him written so close to his original characterization.

Annie and Peter work in parallel to figure out what’s going on. Both of them have reasons to keep their work a secret. This is a fun issue. It’s well paced and the art and character designs are good. I particularly like the villain’s costume. A good comic to pick up if you enjoy the series. Also an easy starting point if you’re a new reader. But otherwise this is kind of a basic yt family story.

Review Score: 7

Ant-Man & the Wasp #2 (of 5)

The second issue of Ant-Man & the Wasp pushes the plot farther and resolves last issue’s cliffhanger. The status quo is the same: Nadia and Scott are still stuck on an alien planet. This time the issue reveals some of the alien life they’re disturbing.

Javier Garròn’s art is fantastic, as is Israel Silva’s colors for this issue. We’re treated to beautiful illustrations of the habitat and unsettling, but well-drawn Saarg. Both have opportunities to shine as the comic moves from the Saarg habitat to Nadia’s blood vessels, and a retelling of her past. I appreciated learning more about her character. I think this comic will be better for me when it’s focused on Nadia and less on the dynamics between her and Scott. The plot of this issue moves toward a predictable climax that lands Scott and Nadia in even more trouble. It’s worth giving this issue a chance if you didn’t care for the first as it elevates the story and goes deeper into character history.

Review Score: 7

Avengers #3

The cosmic drama builds in Avengers Loki is at his best here: grandiose and arrogant as ever. The team is finally, mostly on the same page, although still reluctant to call themselves Avengers. I appreciate the ages old history Waid is working with. I do wish some characters got more screen time. Right now the team seems like a bro trio of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Still, this is a solid classic, feeling issue, and the art continues to impress.

Review Score: 7

Amazing Spider-Man #801

Long time fans of Dan Slott’s ten year run are definitely going to cry at this issue. It brings Peter full circle with a flashback to one of his earliest days as the web-slinging hero. Slott shook up the Spider-Man a lot during his run. But this final issue shows that he’s known who Peter is throughout all of it. This is a great conclusion to a fun and entertaining decade long run.

Review Score: 9

Ben Reilly - Scarlet Spider #20

This is probably my least favorite issue of the current save-Abagail plot line. There’s an interesting villain reveal at the end, but overall this is a skippable issue. Ben saves a kid and then breaks into a base to locate the doctor who’s been ignoring his emails. It’s a quick read, but lacks depth. The art and colors by Will Slinky and Rachelle Rosenberg are my favorite part of this series. Ben really pops out of the page in his costume. I can’t suggest this for new readers, and it’s a pass issue fans if you’re low on money this week.

Review Score: 6

Cable #158

Cable is time-hopping bae and continues to be my favorite series. I forgot where last issue left us off, time wise. But for this issue, readers head back into the past. This issue is placed after issue #2 of the first /X-Force/ series. I loved X-Force so it’s great to see them around again, even if this issue feels a little like fan-fiction.  I’m mainly drawn to the techno-organic features of German Peralta’s art, which is fantastic throughout the issue. I always appreciate any insight into Cable’s character that makes him seem more like a person than a time tumbling soldier. Definitely get into this series, it’s one of the best X-titles.

Review Score: 8

Captain America #704

This is the last issue of Mark Waid’s run and wraps up the arc nicely. I like the nostalgic feel of the art, although it does lessen the believability of a futuristic setting. Anytime the cosmic cube is used, it’s in a way that presents an easy way to tie up a story line. The usage in this comic is no different. It’s essentially about a man saving his son and humanity coming together. It’s way too sweet for me and too tidy with such neat villains. But I did enjoy this arc for it’s creativity and willingness to try different ideas. Pick it up to finish, but wait for the new number one if you haven’t read this arc.

Review Score: 7

Champions #21

Yes, the Champions are so cute, especially fighting the know-it-all Carol Danvers and Alpha Flight. However, the fight between the two teams is a distraction from the main points of the issue. One, we get to see how much of a badass Amka is, and two the Champions learn an important social justice lesson about listening to the people who are most affected by an issue first. They admit that they rushed into believing The Master without really considering what he’s done. They give a real apology. This comic has so much good art and so much heart. Pick it up with any issue of Jim Zub’s run so far.

Review Score: 9

Daredevil #604

Daredevil loses some of the subtle darkness, but Matt does find out something darkly interesting about his long-time priest in this issue. It feels rather convenient, but also clearly did not come out of nowhere. This issue is mostly Daredevil and priests fighting. The arc has one more issue, but it feels like it could have ended here with some more compressed storytelling. Although enjoyable, it probably could have been attached to the arc concluding issue.

Review Score: 8

Doctor Strange #02

Jesus Saiz is incredible with the art and cover for this issue. I’m surprised that Stephen manages to get off of the planet so quickly (with a lot of help). This makes me feel like he won’t be in space for too long. I’m still not sure how I feel about his space travels and the conflict that plays out in these two issues between science and magic. Especially since Stephen is with an “arcanologist” who basically steals magical artifacts from other cultures. Stephen looks down on her, but he basically does the same thing. This is a cool issue, but I’m waiting to really be pulled into the series.

Review Score: 7.5

Hunt for Wolverine - The Claws of a Killer #2

Yay Zombies! Appropriately graphic pencils and muted colors. What I like about this series the most is that it allows us to see Sabretooth in true asshole action. The premise of this issue would make a great horror mini, but the action moves too fast to develop any suspense. Overall, it’s fun and a refreshing Marvel title, even if it is about Wolverine.

Review Score: 7.5

Infinity Countdown - Black Widow #1

Black Widow is my least favorite basic yt girl assassin, especially after entering the MCU. I have trouble caring about the Infinity Countdown, and this issue is no exception. Is she getting a solo movie? If that’s the case, it makes sense for Logan to leave her a stone. If not, meh. She fights some things. The colors by are my favorite part of the issue, especially the neon pinks. And she’s super powerful. Not sure why this is a thing. Definitely stay away unless you absolutely love the character or are trying to read the whole miniseries run.

Review Score: 4

Infinity Countdown - Champions #1

I will read and get excited for anything that includes this iteration of the Champions line-up. Even Infinity Countdown. After Sam responds to a distress call, he gathers the young team to head into space to fight Warbringer. Sam isn’t my favorite member of the team at all, but this is a cute issue that focuses on him. He’s afraid to get his team in trouble and he’s afraid to let others down. This issue shows the Champions at their do-good best, and they’re willing to take on Warbringer to save the Centauri, because they feel like no one deserves to be slaughtered, no matter how much harm they’ve done. Also, Thanos is here? I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this issue and glad there’s a second part.

Review Score: 8

Peter Parker - The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1

There’s only so many white men I can bring myself to care about in Spider-Man series. Jonah Jameson is not one of them. Unfortunately for me, this issue is all about him. The villain has a vendetta against Jameson and wants to make him pay for screwing with people’s lives. He doesn’t win, because Spider-Man. Spider-Man takes a backseat to Jameson in this issue, and while I don’t care for the character, I do think it was an interesting choice from Chip Zdarsky. This is a fine issue if you like JJ, but if not you can definitely pass and pick up something more Spidey oriented for the week.

Review Score: 6

Runaways #10

Rainbow Rowell continues to write an entertaining /Runaways/ series. There’s some Alice in Wonderland-esque action with gorgeous colors and emotional reactions by colorist blank and artist Kris Anka. There’s a sad breakup that feels like a teenage movie breakup because I’m old and over it, but nonetheless is still good at eliciting emotion. Runaways is just a beautiful comic and feels delightful to read.

Review Score: 7.5

Spider-Gwen #33

This issue is so good, and I’m so sad to be seeing the series come to end. Ultimately, I want to say this issue is about personal accountability. Gwen is incarcerated during this issue and attacked almost daily by other incarcerated people working for the Vulture. In some ways this is a familiar S.H.I.E.L.D. prison narrative. What stands out in this issue is Gwen’s sincere and heartfelt voice, as well as her desire to take responsibility for her actions, even if it means great sacrifice. Definitely pick up this comic and start at the beginning of the arc. This is one I’ll be reading a few more times.

Review Score: 9

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1

When I was younger, Iron Man was one of my favorite characters. I thought he was super cool, but was mostly in love with his tech. Now that I’m older, he’s my least favorite of the comic book version Avengers. Gone for me is the charm or the interest in his inventions. There’s just so many superheroes who are smarter and not such yt capitalists. So, this issue was hard for me to get through. I just don’t care about Tony enough to read a solo title that features him. This issue is fine if you like Tony. If you don’t there’s nothing here that will convince you otherwise.

Review Score: 6

Weapon H #4

Weapon H is a comic that’s much better than expected. I’m afraid the outlandish premise: a Hulk/Wolverine Weapon X hybrid? Sounds like a gimmick. That’s not to say that it isn’t, but it work surprisingly well. It’s darker than it’s Weapon X counterpart, but has infinitely more heart as well.  Clay reminds me a little too much of Valiant’s Bloodshot, as a engineered soldier who is just trying to protect his family. But Marvel isn’t Valiant, so this comic won’t quite reach that level of grittiness or suspense. But for what it is, Weapon H is a well-paced story of a man trying to protect what he loves and not lose himself in the process. If you haven’t given the series a try, you can jump in with this issue.

Review Score: 7

What comics did you pick up this week? Which ones excited you & which let you down? Let us know in the comments!