Comic Review: Deadpool Assasssin #2


Comic Review: Deadpool Assassin #2 (of 6))

Publisher:  Marvel Comics | Writer:  Cullen Bunn | Penciler: Mark Bagley  | Inker: John Dell | Color Artist: Edgar Delgado | Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino Release Date: June 27, 2018 | Price: $3.99

This review contains spoilers.

Classic Assassinations

This is a very good Deadpool comic. This issue settles much more into a plot line and builds on what was established in the first issue. Deadpool  is hired to protect a man named Charles in New Orleans. The Assassin’s Guild is after Charles and sends a variety of members to kill hi and Deadpool. There’s some satisfying bloody scenes at a party and a trolley before the issue wraps up.

I love this story so far. It’s just violent enough without being over the top and should please fans of the character. The plot makes sense and has a bit of intrigue. I was worried after the first issue that the comic would feel a little too assassination-of-the-week. This by itself isn’t a huge problem, but with the price point on Marvel books, you have to choose carefully. `

Something a little different

Thankfully, this issue establishes some great character moments for Deadpool. Cullen Bunn writes Deadpool so well with the perfect level of humor. The jokes are funny and classic to the character, but not to outlandish that they take the reader out of the narrative. The dialogue from the other characters, namely the various assassins sent to kill Deadpool is suitably cliche and ridiculous.

The art is also fantastic. Mark Bagley does a great job illustrating all of the fight scenes which are fairly easy to follow. The coloring is non-obtrusive but bright and clear which helps lend to the clarity of action scenes. I love how the blood is always colored slightly differently and the details in shading that makes the pencils really come alive. Bagley also doesn't crowd detail into backgrounds or places that don't need it. This establishes good focal points in the panels and keeps the reader's eyes tuned to the action.


The ending of this issue promises further developments to the story in issue three that I’m excited for. Overall, Deadpool Assassin is a great comic for fans of the character, and I would also recommend it to new readers.

Review Score: 8

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